Dance classes

Classes for Flamenco Recreational Students/Spanish Dance Syllabus Students



Estudio Nuevo Principals are highly qualified in the teaching of the Spanish Dance Syllabus, which is a technique and performance based dance structure allowing the student to study for the entire year the components of Spanish Dance such as the castanets (musical instrument), palmas (handclaps), falda (skirt), zapateado (footwork), vueltas (turns) and brazos (armwork).  Exercises, technique and dance components are extended each week, providing the student with a forward focus of improvement with sound knowledge.   Regional Dance(National/Cultural Spanish Dances) and Flamenco Dance (Andalucia/Gypsy) is part of the syllabus.


The SDS Syllabus allows for 2 streams of study: Flamenco or Escuela Bolera (suited to the Classical Ballet student).   Both streams teach all the aspects of dance mentioned in this paragraph.


Students start at the entry level of Ingreso and progress through to Advanced level.  Performance Medals are also attainable.


SDS also gives the student the opportunity to take an exam each year in their Spanish grade work.  This is always voluntary and does not impact on the regular class work. The examiner comes from Europe and provides current workshop trends in Flamenco and other aspects of Spanish Dance.   Exams are held at Estudio Nuevo as we are the State representative for this Internationally renowned syllabus.


Classes are also held in Open Flamenco for all levels from Basic through to Advanced.   These flamenco classes teach the major palos (styles) of flamenco dance - tangos, buleria, alegria, solea, solea por buleria, seguiriya, jaleo, farrucca, zapateado, tientos and tarantos.  Sevillanas classes will be included in 2014.  Variations of many of these palos are also taught.    All these rhythms are an essential part of the study of flamenco and complement the SDS Syllabus classes being studied.


Classes for children in the SDS Syllabus are offered from 7 years through to teenager.   Children not choosing to take an exam have the chance to do an assessment, after which they receive yearly achievement certificate.


Teacher Training in the SDS Syllabus are provided for those wishing to pursue a career in the teaching of this exceptional dance form.


We encourage students to participate in the end of year performances held at the studio and also in local festivals e.g. Maylands Street Festival and Bayswater River Festivals.   We have workshops throughout the year in specialist areas of Spanish Dance where the art of the manton (shawl), bata de cola (tail skirt) & abanico (fan).


All classes, workshops and performances are provided for all levels and experience.   A link is provided to our Facebook  page for updates of EN classes, artists on tour and schools we promote for your further Australian National & International studies.



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Spanish Dance

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