Lynn Martlew - Qualifications



  • Advanced level Cecchetti, Borovansky, Spanish Dance Institute (SDI), Spanish Dance Society (SDS)

  • Associate Diploma in Performing Arts (ADPA)

  • Teaching certificates RAD TC,

  • Junior and Major teachers’ certificates with both SDS and SDI,      

  • Professora de Baile and Maestro de Baile (SDI)   - Instructor de Baile and Prefesora de Baile (SDS) 

  • Diploma in Technica y Repertorio“Escuela Bolera” Eloy Pericet Madrid. 

  • Certificate III and IV Personal Trainer, Pilates mat level 1 and 2, reformer and level 1 Australian Pilates Method Australia

Lynn dedicates this beautiful Studio to her Ballet teacher Guindi Ferris and friend Luis Moreno and hopes she can also instill the love of dance into the next generation of Perth Students as these teachers did for her.

Lynn Martlew - Qualifications