Jann is the principal Spanish Dance Teacher at Estudio Nuevo (co-founded 2012).  She is the former founder owner of the Dance Workshop, where she was Senior Teacher for Spanish and Flamenco classes for 25 years.  Jann has taught various forms of dance for 35 years, including Contemporary, Classical and Jazz.   Her principal interest, however, lies with Spanish Dance and its related syllabus based forms of Regional, Flamenco and Castanet studies. 

Jann trained in Classical Ballet in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, with the prestigious Lynley Wilson School based at the Playhouse Theatre (Wilson being one of the first exponents of the Boravansky Ballet to source her own successful school in Perth).  

Jann has travelled extensively overseas, living and studying for many years in London and extending her dance dialogue to the West Coast of America and parts of Europe.   She has studied with Robert Cohen's Contemporary Dance Company in London and at The Dance Centre, Covent Garden and the famous Pineapple Studio.   She has studied Flamenco in Madrid, Granada and Seville. She has done classes and workshops with various visiting artistes in Perth and within Australia has studied with Diana Reyes, Laura Uhe, Veronica Gilmor, and Antonio Vargus.

Jann offers the adult student a rewarding and personalised teaching journey full of detail and careful attention to technique, musical understanding and cultural insight.    She believes in the successful outcomes that small class sizes can provide.   The option for the student to choose to study for an exam at the end of each year is available.

The exam based classes provide great attention to all the forms of Spanish Dance, including the Flamenco aspect, and introduce the student to a joyous cultural experience that is ongoing and not determined by a length of time, age or sex.

Jann has attained the eminent status of Instructor De Baile SDS and Professor De Baile SDI.  She is the Artistic Director and Choreographer for Corazon Flamenco, a small company of dancers who wish to undertake public performance and repertoire work.   The opportunity to perform is an important part of the school and each year Estudio Nuevo will provide a concert or fiesta for students to participate in.

Jann Zielinski-Thomas

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